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Attorney Profiles
Julian Harris (1904-1994)

Norman W. Harris (1907-1998)

Philip T. Shanks (1911-2002)

John A. Caddell (1910 -2006)

Jon H. Moores (1933 – 2009)

Robert H. Harris (1930 – 2012)

William E. Shinn, Jr. (1939 – 2019)

Charles L. Murphree (Retired)

Thomas A. Caddell (Retired)

Gary A. Phillips
Real Estate Law; General Civil Litigation; Workers Compensation; Domestic Relations Law
Dow M. Perry Jr.
Tax Law; Trusts and Estates Law; Corporate Law; Commercial Law
Barnes F. Lovelace Jr.
General Civil Litigation; Product Liability Law; Construction Law; Insurance Defense; Corporate Law; Banking Law; Real Estate Law; Industrial Development Financing Law
Jeffrey S. Brown
Tax Law; Corporate Law; Estate Planning; Trust Law; Probate; Real Estate Law; Commercial Law
David W. Langston
General Civil Litigation; Commercial Law; Insurance Law; Domestic Relations; Employment Law
Phil D. Mitchell
Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Construction Law, Landlord/Tenant Law, Corporate Law and Business Planning, Adoptions, Real Estate, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Business Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law (Social Security Disability & SSI), Appellate Practice
Zachary H. Starnes
Corporate Law and Business Planning; Estate Planning; Estate Administration and Probate; Commercial Law
Scott A. Slate
Domestic Relations Law; General Civil Litigation; Criminal Law; Wills and Probate; Adoption; Real Property; Personal Injury; Workers’ Compensation; Administrative Law (Social Security Disability & SSI); Appellate Practice
Patrick E. Sebesta II
Civil Litigation; Insurance Defense; Employment Law; Commercial Law; Domestic Law
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